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Follow the Journey of Our Founder Enver Karaali & Explore How He Build Eco Bath London!

Follow the Journey of Our Founder Enver Karaali & Explore How He Build Eco Bath London!

  • by Eco Bath Wholesale Admin

Meet Enver, the owner and founder of Eco Bath London! Since he was a boy, Enver and his family have been growing loofahs on their farm in southern Turkey. With an appreciation for superb quality and sustainability, Enver successfully entered the market with a dream to provide high-quality, eco-friendly bath accessories to customers all over the world. 


The Origins of Eco Bath London


While studying for his degree in maths and economics, Enver had the opportunity to visit London several times as an exchange student. In the 1990’s, he made the courageous decision to leave Turkey to pursue his masters in the bustling city of London.


As luck would have it, Enver soon stumbled upon a rather sad looking loofah in the window of a well-known bath shop in Islington. Having grown up with his family’s high-grade loofahs, this flat loofah sparked the idea that would eventually lead to the founding of Eco Bath London.


Upon realising there was a gap in the market for high quality loofahs and natural soaps, Enver quickly reached out to his family for product samples. He then took his loofah and soap samples to chemists and pharmacies all over the city, hoping to receive orders for the natural products. Within a few weeks, Enver began receiving confirmed orders from shops, solidifying his aspiration of importing high quality, eco-friendly bath products.


Enver travelled back to Turkey to meet personally with suppliers of loofahs, natural soaps and other goods to ensure the highest quality, best pricing and responsible, sustainable sourcing. At this point in time, eco-friendly and organic natural products were often difficult to find,  which fuelled Enver even more to provide his quality products to the shoppers of London.


Enver’s imported commodities became a huge success, selling out quickly soon after arriving. It wasn’t long before customers and retailers began requesting Enver import even more merchandise. Having successfully infiltrated the market, Eco Bath London was born as a provider of quality, natural and sustainable bath accessories.  To this day, with the dozens of products produced by Eco Bath London, the natural loofah still holds its original code ECOB001, a reminder of the very first Eco Bath London product.



3 Questions with Enver


Do you have any future plans for Eco Bath London?


“We would love to increase our eco-friendly product range and increase the awareness for natural products. We are also looking into giving distribution rights to many countries. There is a growing demand from all over the world because we offer great quality, eco-friendly, natural and organic products from sustainable sources. Giving distribution rights to different countries will hopefully transform Eco Bath London into a global trademark.”



Why is it important for you to offer environmentally friendly products?


“We care about our planet. Unfortunately, our planet is being polluted by us and we must take immediate action. Oceans and land are being constantly polluted with plastic and other toxic materials.  We know we must do our part. For example, we have completely changed our product packaging. Nearly all our packaging is made from recycled materials. We are always striving to provide more products from sustainable sources.”


What are you most proud of?


“I am proud of my business Eco Bath London as a whole. As a family business, we run our business as husband and wife. Above all, we are proud of how we started from scratch with no help from anyone and with one single item. Now it gives me great pleasure to see our products being sold all over the world.”



Enver’s success with Eco Bath London is thanks to readers and customers like you! To learn more about our eco-friendly products, please visit our website at 

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