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Bath Fizzer Big Round Strawberry - Eco Bath London™
Bath Fizzer Big Round Strawberry - Eco Bath London™

Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Strawberry

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Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Strawberry

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Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Strawberry

Product Description

Introducing the Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Shape Strawberry from Eco Bath

Enrich Your Inventory with Berry Beauty

Let your clientele experience the sweet allure of strawberries with the Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Shape Strawberry. This exquisite bath bomb, infused with the delightful scent of fresh strawberries, promises not only a sensory treat but also a comprehensive, gentle care for the skin. Make a vibrant and fragrant addition to your retail selection, capturing the essence of summer joy and natural beauty.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted with Precision: Ensure customer satisfaction with consistently high-quality, handmade bath bombs that resonate with discerning consumers.
  • Witch Hazel Infused: Deliver superior skin benefits to your clientele with the added witch hazel for extra skin soothing and rejuvenation.
  • Sweet Strawberry Scent: Attract customers with the irresistibly fresh and sweet scent of strawberries, offering an invigorating bath experience.
  • Nourishing Formula: Leave the skin feeling luxuriously soft and hydrated with the enriching emollients and softeners infused in the bath bomb.

Why Opt for Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Shape Strawberry for Your Store?

  1. Promote a Joyful Bathing Experience: Provide your customers with an enchanting bath experience that mirrors a summer afternoon amidst strawberry fields.
  2. Gift-Worthy Aesthetic: With a round-shaped design, this bath bomb makes a perfect, thoughtful gift, encouraging more purchases.
  3. Skin-Centric Care: Allow your customers to indulge in a bath product that prioritizes skin health, ensuring soft, nourished, and beautifully scented skin.
  4. Environmentally Responsible Choice: Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by offering products crafted with sustainable and natural ingredients.

Elevate Your Retail Offering with the Strawberry Charm:

Seize the opportunity to infuse your product line-up with the fragrance of fresh strawberries and the promise of gentle, skin-loving care. The Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Shape Strawberry is more than a bath product; it's an invitation to a delightful, nourishing, and environmentally conscious bathing journey.

Let the Sweet Allure of Strawberries Elevate Your Brand and Enrich Your Customers' Bathing Experience with the Eco Bath Bomb - Big Round Shape Strawberry. A Berry Beautiful Bathing Bliss Awaits.


    Product Dimensions: 6x4x4cm

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