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Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free - Eco Bath London™
Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free - Eco Bath London™

Eco Bath Bomb -Big Heart Shape Fragrance Free

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Eco Bath Bomb -Big Heart Shape Fragrance Free

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Eco Bath Bomb -Big Heart Shape Fragrance Free

Product Description

Introducing Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free by Eco Bath London

Prioritize Your Customer’s Comfort and Sensitivity

Embrace the gentle essence of a bath with Eco Bath London’s Fragrance Free Bath Fizzer. Specifically crafted for customers with delicate and sensitive skin, this handmade bath bomb brings the luxury of a relaxing, invigorating bath without any added fragrance. Let your customers revel in the simple, pure, and soothing embrace of a bath, ensuring their ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Handmade Perfection: Offer your customers the excellence of a meticulously handmade bath fizzer, ensuring a premium, consistent quality in every product.
  • Designed for Sensitive Skin: Cater to a wider audience by providing a bath bomb that is specially created for those with sensitive skin, ensuring an irritation-free bathing experience.
  • Pure and Simple: Allow your customers to indulge in a pure and uncomplicated bath experience without the distraction or discomfort of added fragrances.
  • Enhanced Bathing Experience: Present a bath bomb that elevates the ordinary bath, adding a layer of luxury and relaxation without any scent.

Why Stock Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free in Your Store?

  1. Inclusive Offerings: Expand your customer base by including options for individuals with varying skin types and preferences.
  2. Premium Quality: Showcase a product that holds up the standard of handmade excellence and gentle care.
  3. Versatile Use: Offer a versatile, fragrance-free option that suits all, regardless of their scent preferences.
  4. Skin-Friendly: Reinforce your commitment to customer’s skin health by providing a product that is free from potential irritants, ensuring a comfortable and soothing bath.

Enhance the Bathing Experience in Your Retail Space:

Ensure that every customer finds their perfect bath companion by featuring the Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free by Eco Bath London in your store’s product lineup.

Prioritize Comfort and Care. Add the Bath Fizzer Fragrance Free to Your Retail Collection Now!


    Product Dimensions: 8x10x4cm

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