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Why Bars of Soap are So Much Better than Liquid Soap?

Why Bars of Soap are So Much Better than Liquid Soap?

  • by Eco Bath Wholesale Admin

Liquid soap in fancy pump bottles have been fashionable for a number of years now and there are thousands of different varieties and brands available on the marketplace.  From the most inexpensive to very pricy designer liquid soaps and as tempting as it is to buy a nice looking bottle with a delicious sounding scent – did you know that you add to the carbon footprint and you don’t help the environment?  If you pride yourself on your eco-friendly approach, then you might want to re-think your choice of hand soap and consider something else.  Here are some liquid soap facts from Eco Bath London that will definitely get you thinking when you next do your supermarket shop and our soap recommendations for how you can be more eco-friendly in the bathroom!

Eco Facts – Liquid Soap

No More Plastics

Liquid soap is packed in plastic bottles that cannot be recycled and just add to the pile of plastics that end up in the ocean.  Not only do plastics destroy our marine-life, they also release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere that we breathe in.  Soap-on-a-rope is far more eco-friendly with no plastic in sight.



Back to the bottles we’ve discussed above, soap-on-a-rope is usually purchased loose or in cardboard packaging which is recyclable.  Plastic bottles are heavier and involve more transportation when packaged up to leave factories.   That’s more energy usage.  Why add to the carbon footprint when a smart looking soap-on-a-rope is much easier to transport?  You get thousands more in a container than liquid soap bottles.  It actually takes five times more energy to produce liquid soap in comparison to soap-on-a-rope.


Water Usage

Did you know that you use 30% more water when washing with liquid soap than with a bar of soap?  That’s wastage right there – it just goes straight down the plughole!  A bar of soap creates more lather too so you don’t tend to keep adding water until you rinse off.  Yet another great eco reason why you should make the switch! 


Bars of soap Last Longer


Ever wonder why you have to replace your bottle of liquid soap so often?  Well, they don’t last as long as you think; a bar of soap lasts six times longer than liquid soap with regular usage.  So you’ll save money too by switching over to Eco Bath London’s fabulous range of soap-on-a-rope.


Four Soap-On-A-Rope Favourites

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to make the change from liquid soap to bars of soap and in many cases, our soap-on-a-rope is cheaper than the fancy liquid soaps you buy (kinder to your skin too).  Soap-on-a-rope is fun to use and easy to store – the children love them too!  Here are three of our favourites:



With the calming, soothing restful lavender soap-on-a-rope, you’ll enjoy an indulgent soak in your bath or a delightful shower and smell heavenly!  Lavender is known for its sleep-inducing properties so use this soap-on-a-rope in a nice warm bath before you go to bed and sink into a deep slumber.  Made with Shea butter and olive oil, this soap is also exceptionally moisturising. Shop here



Invigorating Lime soap-on-a-rope is the perfect pick-me-up when you need energising!  Made with Shea butter and olive oil, it’s intensely rehydrating for your skin and as it has vegetable incrustations inside, it gives your skin an exfoliating experience.  The most gorgeous scent too, you’ll love showering with it!  Shop it here



This fresh, scented apricot soap-on-a-rope is absolutely gorgeous!  Not only do you get to enjoy the lingering scent of fresh apricots, you also get a highly moisturising experience because it’s made with natural Shea butter and olive oil.  The little vegetable incrustations help to exfoliate your skin so you feel clean, soft and smell incredible.  Get yours here


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