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How To Alleviate Muscle Strain and Knots

How To Alleviate Muscle Strain and Knots

  • by Eco Bath Wholesale Admin

Ouch!  You’ve done it again, you’ve strained your muscles through exercise or perhaps you’ve had a mild injury at home?  Maybe your joints are playing you up again and you can’t get rid of the pain!  Taking pain killers isn’t enough or it could be that you don’t want to keep popping the pills.  So what else can you do to alleviate muscular strain, knots and discomfort in your joints?  Well, you could book yourself a massage or visit your chiropractor to see if they can loosen the knots or you could try and do it yourself, at home, with a wooden foot and back massager.  Not only are they extremely effective at literally ironing out knots, but they also work well for plantar fasciitis and foot pain on the soles of your feet.

Easy to use, you simply roll these wooden massagers over the area that’s causing you discomfort.  Spend a few minutes massaging the area and apply pressure. Light pressure might be enough, so for a really invigorating and pain-busting massage, use firmer strokes around the affected area (but it should never feel uncomfortable).  You can even add a massage cream or an aromatic essential oil for a soothing massage.

Who Could Benefit From a Wooden Back and Foot Massager?

Actually, one of these massagers is useful to keep around the home because you never know when you might need one.  Whether it’s because you’ve lifted something heavy and aggravated your sensitive back or you’ve been on your feet all day and your heels feel really sore, or you’re a keen athlete, a wooden foot and back massager is one of those brilliant things that you could keep close by in your First Aid box or bathroom.

  • Great for runners, especially long distance
  • Ideal for post-workout to aid muscle recovery
  • Perfect for backache, shoulder ache and neck ache
  • A superb solution for plantar fasciitis, heel pain and arch pain in your feet
  • Good source of physiotherapy post-operative (following discussion with your physician)

What are The Best Types of Wooden Foot and Back Massagers?

Ideally, an all-natural wooden foot and back massager is best and for numerous reasons.  Firstly, it’s far more environmentally friendly to use natural materials, especially wood because it’s sustainable.  Also, a wooden massager is gentler to use than heavy plastic or silicone, especially as the massaging spheres are mainly made out of wood too, far more comfortable to roll over areas of discomfort than manmade materials.  They’re easier to keep clean and are aesthetically more pleasing compared to their manmade cousins!

At Eco Bath London, we stock natural wooden foot and back massagers, our customer favourites are as follows:

Eco Bath Foot Rollers

Make foot pain a distant memory with this Eco Bath Foot Roller equipped with three rows of chunky spheres designed to roll over or under your foot as desired.  Use after a long, hard day, following your run or just because your feet feel painful.  A few minutes of deep tissue massage will refresh your feet so they feel ready for anything.  Or alternatively, try the cherry wood Reflexology Foot Roller, another eco-friendly option designed to pinpoint those pressure areas using reflexology-style spheres with little nubs that target areas of discomfort:

Eco Bath Wheel Deluxe Massager

Featuring no less than four rows of wheels and engraved in sustainable wood complete with a comfortable ergonomic handle, this massager is perfect for an all-over body massage.  It is particularly effective on the back, neck and shoulders as well as giving feet the revitalising boost that they need after a long day at work.  You can purchase yours here

So now you know you need a back and foot massager in your life, which one will you choose?

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