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Why You Need a Foot Pumice In Your Life?

Why You Need a Foot Pumice In Your Life?

  • by Eco Bath Wholesale Admin

The weather this summer is particularly glorious this year and that means floaty dresses, cute shorts, swimwear and flip-flops. Have you looked at your feet lately?  Do they need some TLC? It’s probably likely that they’ve been the last thing on your mind!  Why worry about your feet when they’ve been cosily hiding away in your favourite trainers and socks! The problem is, feet are usually hidden from view so they don’t get much attention but when the temperature starts rising, no one wants to feel hot and bothered in socks and closed shows, so it’s time to give them a treat.

Kind to your Feet, Kind to the Environment

The first thing to do is get rid of that dry, rough skin and what better way to do that than by using something natural and kind to your skin? A Natural Pumice Stone from Eco Bath London is the ideal way to slough away dead skin cells and rough, uncomfortable hard skin to reveal soft, smooth and silky feet that look like they’ve been treated to a foot spa! Not only will you be looking after your feet, you’ll also help the environment because Eco Bath London pumices are made out of natural materials so they’re entirely environmentally friendly. 

No Chemicals or Nasties Involved!

Did you know that as pumice is a natural stone and there are no harmful chemicals or nasty toxins involved? Our Eco Bath London pumice stones are derived from lava and water.  When combined, they create a natural exfoliating stone – a “pumice”. These types of natural stones have been used for centuries to treat feet and get rid of calluses, corns or other dry areas but pumice stones aren’t just for feet, they can also be used on dry elbows, for example or other areas where skin is hard and rough. 

Using a Pumice Stone

Whether you choose to use our pumice foot files in the shower or on dry skin, the results are miraculous! Using a pumice stone is easy, and for best results, we would recommend treating your feet two or three times a week but if you feel you need to, you can even use one daily. While we would suggest soaking your feet first, you don’t have to – especially if you’re in a hurry, the shower is ideal. So how should you use your pumice? 

If you do have time, fill up a bowl (a pedicure bowl or a large, plastic bowl) with warm, soapy water and keep a clean, soft towel close by. Soak your feet first, give them a good five to ten minutes to really soften up the skin. You could add an essential oil if you want, such as lavender which is excellent for relaxation or mint for an energetic boost. Once you’ve finished your soak, towel dry your feet gently and get ready to pumice!

  • Soak your pumice stone in warm water (never use it dry).
  • Apply your soaked pumice to your skin and start to glide the pumice stone over the area using circular strokes.
  • Only use light pressure, if there’s any discomfort, stop or reduce pressure.
  • Continue the motion until rough skin is removed.
  • Rinse skin after use and clean your pumice stone using warm, soapy water and allow to dry.  For a deep clean, you can use boiling water.
  • Once you’ve finished and you’ve dried your feet (or elbows, or other areas of concern), apply a light moisturiser.

As a word of caution, always take care never to rub too hard because you don’t want to break your skin and don’t share your pumice stone with anyone else. It’s worth mentioning that your pumice stone will eventually shrink over time with use as it is a natural product, once this starts to happen, it might be time to invest in another, shop your Eco Bath Foot File here: for perfect feet.

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